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The Role Technology Plays in Today’s Spas

Can you think back to a time where technology was not in our everyday lives? Long are the times for a place completely away from the constant connection of today’s technology. Spas are discovering that they too have a need for high-tech in their business. From offering the latest modern treatments and connecting with guests on social media to communicating with guests through their system, technology has a role in almost every aspect of the spa experience.

Many spas try to keep their focus on traditional services and techniques that rely on human touch, while other spas look to balance the hands-on treatments focused on healing and rejuvenating with newer technologies that can provide immediate, youth generating results. Guests are attracted to new and cutting edge treatments which, in turn, drive interest in spa treatment technology.

Spas need to continually stay on top of trends, whether they are the newest high-tech approach or driven by wellness and health aspects.  Continually updating the spa menu, training your staff and educating clients about these new technologies will help drive guests into your spa.

Many spas politely request that spa guests unplug and leave mobile phones and other electronics in the locker room.  However, these technologies also finding a home in the administration of the spa through mobile check-in, as well as electronic wellness forms guests can complete on a tablet.  Using spa technology helps staff be more efficient and focus less on management tasks and more on delivering personalized guest service.

Guests also have certain expectations with regards to technology.  They’re influenced and inspired by current technology trends and instant gratification. They want and need to be able to book spa reservations online anytime and anywhere. Spas need to make themselves more readily available to book services online to get guaranteed commitments out of their customers to come in for their service.

Many guests never see the management technology that runs behind the scenes but they experience the effects at every step of their spa visit.  From booking and scheduling to service delivery, the spa technology provides the backbone which supports all operations. From a security perspective, ensuring your guests data and card holder data (CHD) is secure should be of top priority to everyone in your operations, not just to the IT team.

Technology empowers spa team members to learn about their guests and provides them with the opportunity to personalize each guest experience. As technology encompasses more and more of our everyday experience, spas will continue to offer a space to disconnect from technology and connect to deeper, human experiences.  However, spas must embrace some forms of technology in order to provide modern, results-driven treatments.  Technology also bridges the gap between consumers and the spa, providing a direct way to book appointments or complete wellness forms, creating a seamless and relaxing guest experience.

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