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Invest in Your Team with SpaSoft's Virtual Training Event

When it comes to investing within the spa industry, the best thing you can invest in is the people on your team. If these past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we are ten times stronger together than we are as individuals. The people within our operations are what make the business possible – no people, no business.

The hospitality industry already has a reputation for having a high turnover rate due to the fluidity and various opportunities for growth. Taking the time to give your staff the training they need, assures they are empowered by the spa management system instead of overwhelmed.

By investing in training, you are giving yourself and your staff the ability to easily execute daily procedures, train new staff and can even increase staff retention. The spa software world is dynamic and always changing with new features, updates, and enhanced methods to streamline operations, therefore training is crucial to operations.

Check out 5 reasons why investing in SpaSoft training is a worthy investment for your business:

  1. Enhance Usability: Stop scrolling through old products and services, or trying to filter previous staff members from reports. Learn ways to simplify your everyday tasks and operations.
  2. Increase Security: Ensure sensitive financial and guest information is kept secure, while maintaining consistent and appropriate access for all staff logging into SpaSoft.
  3. Report More Accurately: Improve the quality and organization of your data, and make the most of SpaSoft Reports.
  4. Inspire New Initiatives: Discover new or never-used features to streamline processes, increase revenue, and enhance your guest experience.
  5. Empower Your Spa Management Team: Whether managers have been at your spa for 10 years or are brand new, give them the tools they need to take care of your team, your guest and your business.

SpaSoft Around the World a Virtual Training Event

Take advantage of our upcoming virtual training event for your entire team!

Join us for two (2) days of virtual learning with some of #teamSpaSoft solution experts. Expanding over multiple time zones, the event will start on March 22nd 3am EST and end on March 23rd 7pmEST, with running sessions throughout the entire time. We have customers all over the world and want to accommodate for various schedules.

With over 30 sessions and 17+ topics covering operational, management and industry content. During this event, attendees can expect training sessions for your day-to-day operations team, management team and others that want to learn more about SpaSoft and how to boost business efficiency.

Register for SpaSoft Around the World

Below are additional tools your entire team should have access to.

SpaSoft Tool Box
  1. SpaSoft Around the World – A two day virtual training event for SpaSoft Users all around the world where they can experience training sessions from some of SpaSoft’s finest solution experts.
  2. Learn with our SpaSoft Webinars – Click here to to access them in our Customer Community.
  3. 1-on-1 training – Contact your account manager today.