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4 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Spa

Modern; relating to the present or recent times.


Curating a positive guest experience at your spa is a priority. You want your guests to feel special every time they come in for a service. Additionally, you want to separate yourself from your competition to encourage repeat guests. With the ever-changing spa and wellness industry, keeping up with the trends may seem like an extra lift for your team. However, modernizing your spa may be as easy as a few steps.


Online Booking

Guests like to feel in control of their journey when booking a service. An easy way to offer control to your guests is through online booking. With a robust spa management system, you can have a seamless online booking portal that works directly with your spa's website. Guests will be able to choose a date, time, and type of service while viewing important information like appointment length and cost. Allowing guests to book their own services puts them in control and frees up your staff to focus on other tasks.


Contactless Check-in 

As mentioned, guests love to feel in control of their experience. With mobile wellness forms, you can send digital forms to your guests before their appointment to allow them to check in, input special requests, and sign any required waivers. This allows them time to look over the information in their own space. In addition, once your guests arrive at your spa, they can fully relax knowing they already checked in and are in good hands with your staff.


Utilizing Guest Data

Before a guest even steps foot in your spa, they give you all kinds of data. Further, the more times a guest visits your spa, the more specific data you have. You can collect and consolidate guests' data for analysis through your spa management system. You can track trends and see your most popular services, the times of day guests come, and what amenities guests prefer. You can keep your spa stocked and staffed at optimal times using these trends. Additionally, you'll be able to market specials, gift cards, or upsells accurately based on guests' preferences. Your guests will love having a personalized experience and are more likely to become loyal customers.




It's no secret that proper communication is key to having a good guest experience. Using your guest data, you can communicate efficiently with guests by knowing their preferred communication method: email, phone call, text message, etc. Automating communication through your spa management systems will save your staff time and get info to your guests promptly. It can be easy to preschedule appointment confirmations and reminders, but it's also a task that can significantly impact your guests' experience.


Modernizing your spa doesn't have to be expensive or require much time. Knowing your guests and how to utilize the data they provide can give you insights into what kind of experience they want. Leveraging your technology system to take tasks off your staff's to-do list will free them up to provide personalized service to your guests.